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2017-07-21 - Thomas Queste

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Last week I ran an “Intellij Master Championship” class/presentation. There were prizes to win, like Jetbrains Yoyos, Intellij Stickers.

We had a great time sharing tips and counting points to nominate the “best-intellij-touch-typist-2k17”.

The rules were one point by valid answer and each player answers secretly then the answer is given before I show it on screen and discuss it.

If you would like to run the presentation, the html is here: https://tomsquest.github.io/intellij-master-presentation/

The PDF of the shortcuts is at: https://github.com/tomsquest/intellij-master-presentation/blob/master/SHORTCUTS.pdf

And the whole source is on github.

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Written by:

Thomas Queste

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